About Us

Shopaxe was developed as a fountain for talented and smart people to reach very large audiences without having to spend money or waste any time.

Shopaxe is a newcomer to the world of the web, but it is brought to you by people with vast knowledge and experience in all areas of the site. The staff is comprised of few extraordinary people with a vision and a huge load of real life experience. We do not claim to have re-invented the wheel, but we would like to think, and soon hope you will too, that we have brought something different, something extra, something very special that meets the expectations of the modern audience.

Every generation brings their own understanding of the world, and different estimates of life values. This is what brings a lot of misunderstanding between the people. One of the Shopaxe goals is to bring all the representatives from all generations to one spot (table) to discuss and understand one another. Youngsters may gain more respect for elders and elders may find stronger reasons to respect the younger generation. Shopaxe becomes a crossroad for generations to unite them and bring peace in the endless battle between generations.

As an educational channel, Shopaxe helps to analyze and understand ourselves. Open eyes to human mistakes and huge meaning of forgiveness. Shopaxe helps find people with similar ways of thinking.

You can say that Shopaxe stands on three big whales:

Competitions, Discussions and Trades.

That is the Trinity of the life.

All three parts were put together for your convenience so you can have it all on one site. Now you do not have to jump back and forth from site to site for the functionality you require.

Living in a huge country with millions and millions of people, there are many undiscovered talents that never got the chance to get on the big stage. It could be your neighbor or somebody that lives thousands of miles away.

Talent dies if it is not developed.

Lets find the talents! Lets make the nation stronger and richer.

Competitions are setup for different types of talents, you just have to choose which one you would like to participate in.

Shopaxe also has the possibility to publish your own article and have it discussed with thousands of people on the forum or instant messenger.

Isn't that exciting?

The site offers many options for entertainment. You can directly communicate with your colleagues on the forum or visit the shopping section and buy and sell the most popular products on the biggest online mall of your life. If you wish to buy or sell a product in your local area, then check out the Flea Market divided by States and major Cities of the USA.

Sound like a dream?

No, it is not a dream, it is all a reality and it is all on shopaxe.com.

Enjoy and you're welcome!