Prohibited Ads

Shopaxe LLC (Shopaxe) makes a good faith effort to insure that it follows the many state and federal statutes and regulations with regards to how goods and services can be sold, purchased, or advertised. Your ability to post ads on our Website is conditioned upon you helping us undertake that effort.

Your first stop to make sure you’re in compliance with the Shopaxe Terms of Service {URL}. As stated in our Terms of Service, you are wholly responsible for complying with all applicable laws, which includes any regulations or restrictions on goods and services and how they are advertised and sold.

We do not offer any legal advice as to whether you are in violation of any laws when you post an ad. We strongly encourage you to research your local, state and federal laws to make sure your posting is legal. If we come to the determination that your posting is illegal, violates our Terms of Service, or the guidelines below, we will remove your posting with no notice to you.

The following represents a basic and certainly not exhaustive list of some hopefully obvious types of goods and services that you may NOT sell, buy, or even advertise on Shopaxe. This includes ads that:Include, promote, offer or solicit pornography of any kind

Include, promote, offer or solicit prostitution or escorts of any kind

Include, promote, offer or solicit illegal drugs and related paraphenalia

Include, promote, offer or solicit pirated software, movies, music, and other such materials

Include, promote, offer or solicit illegal equipment or stolen property of any kind (i.e. lock picks, access cards, password sniffers, stolen credit cards, social security numbers, etc.)Include, promote, offer or solicit bulk mail lists that contain personal information

Include, promote, offer or solicit weapons, accessories, or ammunition of any kind, unless posted by a licensed and authorized weapons dealerInclude, promote, offer or solicit illegal acts of any kind

Harass, degrade, intimidate or promote hate or violence toward anyone

In the sole opinion of Shopaxe, endangers the personal safety of our users or others

In the sole opinion of Shopaxe, creates liability or interferes with the legal rights of Shopaxe, our affiliates, or our users