• Are We Really Free?

    Business & Politics

    For as long as humankind has existed we have had the constant notion of whether we need government or not to be so strict and controlling. Whether or not we, as a whole of human beings can successfully govern ourselves without the assistance of outs…

  • Yesteryear


    It is not them, but rather usThat seeks to take, that seeks to controlWe all see ourselves as the one who seeks to changeTo change the worldTo crusadeYet, we were born to overlook ourselvesOur very well-being, but, without a look insideWe can never …

  • I am scared

    I am scared


    I am not scared of the dark.I am scared of the unknown.I am scared of the creatures that lurk in my mind.Mom and dad have always told me they\'re not real, but then why am I so scared?Turning my head in a dark room, the deepest part of my mind twist…

  • Unintended Nostalgia


    TICK-tock.TICK-tock. A year ago, a simple, charismatic hello. Awes and sighs... He became my scared, velvet-kissed rose, Embellished life with splashes of vibrant colors: Raspberry, lemon, and gold. GRASP. Left breathless. A kind gazing star…

  • Meadow Tales

    Meadow Tales


    Wild daisies tango in a chilly breeze,And wander hopelessly to fight for peace.A countless struggle, like a blood disease.As shadows in a faded love decrease,Both daisies scatter in the wind with greed,And plays of tug-of-war take place with heat.Th…

  • Vampire!SpainxEngland


    It was like cookies or popcicles or candy or people. You only liked certain kinds. With Antonio Carriedo it was the same way, only with blood. You see, Antonio Carriedo was a vampire, and he had been for a very long time, but that wasn't to say that…

  • Willow


    Take a gander, take a lookAt that hoary willow by the brookHis gnarled trunk with age is stoopingTired switches always droopingStroking the laughing stream belowAsking the tireless youngster to slowTo stop and rest beneath his limbsNot to flutter of…

  • Second Chances CH. 1


    It was cold that night, so very cold, and raining. A complete downpour, it seemed. People weren\'t foolish enough to wander outside in the terrible weather. Those who did huddled miserably under umbrellas or inside large jackets. Not even the whores…

  • Movie Review of Mamitas

    Movie Review of Mamitas


    Movie Review of Mamitas, an independent film about a young man named Jordan, growing up in Los Angeles

  • Skinny Bitch is a must read

    Skinny Bitch is a must read


    For the past two months my friends have been hyped up about the book "Skinny Bitch," so I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I actually enjoyed the book and found it more valuable than I thought I would. The first thing that anyone n…

  • My First Ghost Experience?

    My First Ghost Experience?


    When I was about ten or eleven, my mom asked me where I would like to go on a vacation and of all places I said Bisbee, Arizona. It wasn\'t very far away, so mom decided to take me there. My aunt came with us. During the time we were there, we sa…

  • Downtown San Diego

    Downtown San Diego


    If your coming down to California and you want to have some fun, forget hollywood, head down to San Diego. Whether your in your twenties or fifties, single or married with children, San Diego has much to offer you. Head down to the center of it all …

  • The Tree That Burns (1991)


    The Tree That Burns (1991)Tree of earth and barren sod,Scarred, charred hard by livid god--Lightning clawed from gnawed, mawed skies;Good wood withstood ire-fired eyes.What prim, trim trees will you sire?Damned root and branch blanch the pyre!In pit…

  • Work in Progress (Frost)


    The mere thought of you makes me feel like death, Reminiscent of when you deprived me of my own breath. I wished you away, On such a day, When the grey clouds slowly moved across the sky, They would slither their way up and high, I gasped for brea…

  • An Unavoidable Truth


    A fickle of the finger,And fate is oddly turned.What once flourished from love,Is now but an inch of scorn.A minute of failure-Raw end of the deal;She's always brokenBecause she's afraid to give in.A blur of his ego -He always puts it aside,To pick …