Selling Artwork

We are dedicated to helping artists strive and try the best we can to promote the artwork of our users to gain as much as exposure for you as possible. 

We offer our members the possibility to sell their digital or physical artwork. To enable the selling features it's as simple as logging in to your account and linking a paypal or stripe account to your Shopaxe account.


How do I link my PayPal or Stripe account to Shopaxe?

First login to your account, then hover over "My Account" located on the navigation bar to see "Settings". Click on "Settings", and then go to the "Seller Tools" tab. There you will see a "Connect" link next to PayPal and Stripe. Click on "Connect" on whichever payment processor you prefer and follow the prompts. That's it!


I've linked my merchant account to Shopaxe, now what?

Now, when you upload any art into your "Art Portfolio", you will see an "Advanced Options" link underneath the image upload. You click on the link to open up more options for your product such as price, shipping costs and etc. Once you're done setting everything up, click "Upload into Art Portfolio" and you're ready to go!


Are there any fees with selling?

Listing the item for sale is free, however we do take a small percentage of the total sale price once the product is sold.

The current sales fee is 2%.