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During the design stage of the site build we considered several factors: usability, visitor interaction and advertisement exposure. By covering wide spectrum of interests, we insured visitor and member retention. Since we encourage opinion expression along with open interaction, we are creating customers that will come back time and time again. by providing content, new members will involve their friends and family too. We have created a site that is compatible with young people just as much as not so young ones. Shopaxe is targeted towards any person with an idea, opinion or a talent. this gives us a limitless possibility to provide advertisement content without the need to target any specific age or interest group. We just cover it ALL. The site layout is designed to glorify the advertisement placement. We will be more than happy to discuss the graphics, placement and duration of the advertisement while providing real time, on-demand statistics.

Shopaxe is a new breed of Social Networking website which meets the expectations of modern audience. We are able and willing to be flexible by custom tailoring advertisement packages to suit your needs, and are ready to work with your team to mutually benefit from this venture.

Simply put, you get to choose:

Where you want it.

When you want it.

How long you want it.

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