They're Here....

They're Here!

All of us are familiar with some type of unknown spacecraft, whether it's from TV or real-life. From the classic 1950s and 1960s pan-like saucer and disc-like objects made up of a metallic surface and bearing flashing lights throughout. The "Eastern Culture" was actually undergoing its own, real-life UFO sightings for quite some time. While we, here in North America became aware of and engrossed with UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) culture and film relating to little green men with ray guns zapping us with an obliterating flame or abducting us into their craft to do ungodly bodily exams on us. Across the globe, mainly in the Middle East, authentic captures of UFOs were being sighted and documented.

As the 1980s rolled by and into the 1990s, so did the awesome nature of pop-up UFO organizations, later in the 1990s, it became paranormal investigation groups (which would encompass UFO research). However, long before some of the most renowned UFO footage was ever documented, evidence of UFOs existed, but were usually covered up by governmental agencies, or were uncovered as being fakes or frauds. Today, with the advancement of technology in both good and bad circumstances; (good) in that we can uncover the frauds easier, (bad) in that with CGI now just about anything can be created. Yet we have come to understand that there is distinctive evidence of the existence of UFOs.

One of the most widely-photographed images of any UFO has been just recently, the Pyramid UFO. The most-recent documentation of this can be seen on the international video website YouTube under "Pyramid UFO." Generally from documentation, this UFO is seen throughout the Middle East, but has also been seen as far away as Finland, India and South America within the past ten years. The first and most-authentic documented case was in 2009, when two young Russian men video-taped a pyramid UFO while driving near the Kremlin located in Moscow, Russia during the late evening hours. This international historical landmark is known by most everyone. Apparently, it may also be well known by outsiders as well. The two men are seen in this video filming a blackish, pyramid-style object hovering and swirling only several dozen yards above the Kremlin. (When insiders contacted the Kremlin about this object they said that they had NO COMMENT). The object bears no lights or outside gear of any kind. Strangely enough about this occurrence, it was on the eve of the United Nations peace talks between Russia and Georgia, (its bordering nation whom wanted to post a nuclear defense shield along its border that is shared with Russia). Also, several days before, another pyramid UFO was also witnessed and captured briefly on film in Finland.

These strange and large craft are usually seen on the eves of major international meetings between nations collaborating to build or expand borders, nuclear testing sites, or pre-war conferences. On the eve of the Invasion of Normandy, June 5, 1944, over the airfields in England, an unidentified and unclaimed craft was spotted swirling end on end as if on a pivot for just about 30 minutes before disappearing as dawn approached. In South America in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2008, a pyramid UFO of blackish to silver-color in nature was seen along major mountain ridges swirling around. Clarity of their size is undetermined because of their distance, yet visible to the naked eye. In fact, the video in Russia is so clear during the evening hours that one can see the majority of the features from this craft.

Many investigators and philosophers believe they are in fact UFOs from other worlds that we are unaware of and here to gather intelligence on our species, while skeptics believe these could be weather balloons, low-flying aerial photographic vehicles or surveying craft for private, as well as governmental agencies alike. With the advent of CGI today, we have the ability to create just about anything we wish with just a few hours of computer knowledge and software. So, are we truly alone as some like to think, or, are we being visited by something or someone since the dawn of human existence? You can decide for yourself, but keep this in mind, the Egyptian "Pyramids" and Stonehenge have theorized to be landmarks that were created by extraterrestrials more than 5,000 years ago to navigate our planet.

Imagine for a minute if you will, as advanced as Aztec and Egyptian technology was, and all the other great empires at one point, how would it still have been possible, even having 400 strong, able-bodied men to pull a solid block of sandstone and brick-type substance across a desert to form what is a pyramid, over 1000 feet high and well over a 1000 feet wide. After all, some of the world's best-kept military secrets are based on extraterrestrial design, from the Stealth Bomber to the Blackbird to modern nuclear-powered submarines.

So how could some of humankind's greatest achievements been met?

With a little help perhaps.

You decide...