• My First Ghost Experience?

    My First Ghost Experience?


    When I was about ten or eleven, my mom asked me where I would like to go on a vacation and of all places I said Bisbee, Arizona. It wasn\'t very far away, so mom decided to take me there. My aunt came with us. During the time we were there, we sa…

  • Downtown San Diego

    Downtown San Diego


    If your coming down to California and you want to have some fun, forget hollywood, head down to San Diego. Whether your in your twenties or fifties, single or married with children, San Diego has much to offer you. Head down to the center of it all …

  • Le Reve

    Le Reve


    Vegas is infamous for being "sin city" hence the saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Now, I'm sorry to inform you guys that this article will not be about how I had a wild night in Vegas and how much praying I should be doing to…

  • The lost paradise

    The lost paradise


    Who would have thought that the shy, soft spoken daughter of a hard working shoe maker would one day jump into the life of uncertainty that comes along with being a writer and hunting for a career in film or \"throwing her life away\" as s…