The mere thought of you makes me feel like death,

Reminiscent of when you deprived me of my own breath.

I wished you away,

On such a day,

When the grey clouds slowly moved across the sky,

They would slither their way up and high,

I gasped for breath and briskly died.

I admire the way I don't exist,

Because I was about to raise my fist.

I admire the way you cease to try,

Every time I said goodbye.

I admire the way you never existed.

I'm not glad I didn't make that last call,

When I would dial your number but then I'd stall.

My heart would sink and then I'd fall.

You heard the news but still stood tall,

And never wondered or even bawled.

I admire the way we both are lost,

and never thought about the cost.

Holding each other on a winter night,

We passed away within the chill,

We didn't mind the death so trite.

Those who pass will only see,

The carcass of our sad disease,

Cruel like nature and slightly free.

Open mouths within the frost,

To signify all that we've lost.