Movie Review of Mamitas

I watched the independent film, "Mamitas". The main character of the film is Jordan, who is an inner-city high school student. The film revolves around Jordan's life at school, at home, and with his friends. He is like many average high school kids who are trying to be popular and hook up with some good looking girls. Jordan discovers that there is more to his life and begins to contemplate it after meeting a young girl named Felipa. She is one of his high schools brightest students with a bright future who is enveloped in the shadow of her very sexy and popular cousin. The two develop an unlikely bond which helps Jordan discover who he is while also dealing with his aging grandfather, his brother, his irate father, and searching for the truth about his mother that he never new, who died while giving birth to him.

The film was very touching and well made. It was very pleasant to watch a film with well developed dialogue, detailed character development, and very talented young cast as well as very well known faces such as Jennifer Esposito, one of my personally favorite actors, Joaquim De Almeida, and of course one of Mexico's long time great actors, Pedro Armend. The cast was excellent, and fit very well with their characters. The chemistry between the actors was very well developed and convincing.

The film was very artistic, with very nice production value. And also a wonderful soundtrack which accented the drama, the humor, and the romance. The composition of excellent filmography and the Los Angeles inner-city/Echo Park locations made the film visually delightful.

I would highly recommend this film to everyone, it was a pleasure to enjoy excellent filmmaking.