Planning for a fun party

So you're planning a party. A bunch of thoughts come to mind, mainly "How do I make sure people have fun?". Have no fear, there are plenty of things to do that would make a party fun.

First thing you need to do is recognize the importance of the party, for example is it a birthday party, or a get together laid back party. Check if the weather outside is suitable for an outside party. If the weather is nice, you can plan a barbeque and other outside activities.

If the party is for a child, it's warm outside, and have plenty of room, have a water balloon fight or a water balloon toss challenge. The way water balloon toss challenge works is, everyone gets together with partners, then toss a water balloon to each other from a distance. After every consecutive toss, a couple of steps are taken away from each other. The steps are repeated till there is only one pair standing. Reward the winners with treats and little prizes, but don't forget to give the other kids tiny prizes too so their feelings don't get hurt. That way, everyone is a winner and they all have fun. If the kids aren't scared of clowns, invite one over! Their tricks can't impress the kids and leave them talking and trying to figure out as to what he will do next. A magician can leave the kids trying magic tricks for days!

If it's a grown up party, most important thing is beer and alcohol! There are guests that come for that alone! People loosen up and begin having more fun. A creative thing to do is have a watermelon concentrated with a spirit such as vodka. This will require one to two days of preparation. Carve a hole in the watermelon big enough as to have the neck of the bottle fit inside and have the vodka pour inside and put it in the fridge. The watermelon will absorb the vodka at its own pace and will become concentrated with alcohol. Remember how much you're pouring in there, the more you put, the more concentrated it will be and you will have everyone drunk on watermelon! Have a DJ come in and play music for the guests if it's within your budget. If it's not, you can always have a CD mash-up of music with plenty of remixes.

It's important to set the atmosphere, decorations, decorations, decorations! Balloons, dressed tables in brights colors, the shade of black works wonders for contrasting furniture too. As the guests come in, have the music play in the background at a low volume and when it's time to start dancing, bring it up! The party revolves around the planner, so don't seem stressed or tired, be full of energy, they will all feed off of it. Lastly, introduce everyone to one another, don't let anyone be a stranger! Guests that don't know anyone tend to have the least fun and will back into a corner and feel unwelcome.

Have fun everyone! Whether your occasion be a birthday party or a random get together, you can always have fun!