For as long as humankind has existed we have had the constant notion of whether we need government or not to be so strict and controlling. Whether or not we, as a whole of human beings can successfully govern ourselves without the assistance of outside influence on behalf of a governmental organization has, is, and always will be a popular question among every generation to come. However, in reality, we all know and understand (whether we support it or not) that there is in fact, a government. This applies to everybody, whether or not you vote, work, pay taxes, and regardless of your political affiliation, there has always been government and there always will be some form of a government. We can thank the Roman Empire really for such an invention. Long before civilized societies were born, individuals who had any touch of law and order usually just band together as an unofficial posse and smashed down a sinner’s door, yanked him or her from their bed, and pummeled them in the town square with stones until they perished.

We can trace our American culture back to our ancestors, the British Empire, who, long before civil and understandable laws were formed were essentially ruled by the Pagans (not the motorcycle gang), but rather those who founded punishment and scare tactics on a religious sentiment. The Pagan religion raised the ideology that human beings should be controlled based on religious laws governed by the church. That’s right! The churches originally governed everything, from food to music, education to children’s games, and from bathing to individual’s attire. During the great age of musical composers, symphonies and orchestras, music was never performed until it was cleared by the Roman Catholic Church. Only then, were composers and conductors allowed to press forward with such beautiful pieces. Eventually, individuals pressed forward on their own, some band together underground to form movements. Eventually, religion took a backseat after realizing that there was no sin in what was taking place, but rather a reasonable and effective change for the betterment of humankind.

Then, one day, citizens in the United Kingdom decided enough was enough and were tired of the tyranny so they decided it was time to start over. The ability to follow and lead all based upon the example of a Republic of Democracy, allowing for an ever-present and always-able-to-change Constitution, and the ability for the individualized citizen to make the change, not the government.

Once the United States was founded, the form of Pagan religion was ever-present here all the same, in the form of the Quakers. Originally, the “Amish-Quakers” as they were commonly known throughout the base of New England wrote the essentials in the standards of common living for the everyday individual. Which, in effect meant, if you, the individual did not adhere to these regulations once more, governed by the Church, you would were chastised. Many were, and many others were murdered by church followers, sometimes even pastors and ministers alike committing to some of the killing. The Quakers, on a huge following eventually broke up and formed into the Amish, while Germany settled into Pennsylvania and thus their followers became the Pennsylvania-Germans. Over time, once more, the Amish were too strict and a group of Amish who were more contemporary in their religious beliefs knew there was more to life, at least a modest way of living than to being strictly Amish (whose beliefs were extremely old school strict religion) these were the Mennonites. Another contemporary religious group outside of Quaker soon followed suit like the Mennonites, these were the Pennsylvania-Germans who settled throughout eastern Pennsylvania, eventually giving way to what has been commonly referred to today as Pennsylvania Dutch (even though there were no actual settlers known as this, and really only is an American-made terminology).

Church-ruling in the United States was successful from the very late 1600s prior to “official” settlement to approximately the mid-1800s. The boom of change was more pronounced after the American Civil War when the United States government professed a successful change in ancient traditions and freedom and liberty for all men and women on an equal basis. So, in essence, church gave way to government. In all forms of civilizations there have been societies that have been under some form of control, whether it be a Federalist nation, a Communist/Socialist nation, a Monarchy, or perhaps even a Coup d’etat. There are various forms of all of what have been listed above, but, it’s up to the government on how “they” wish to make their choice dished out.

For example, few people know much about the United States Postal Service. Many think that the Pony Express was the very first postal service offered by none other than the Post Office Department between the late 18th century and the mid-19th century. However, there was a former postal carrier. A man, named Lysander Spooner founded the American Letter Mail Company in 1844, about a decade-and-a-half prior to the US Civil War. Spooner offered quicker mail delivery at much cheaper rates than that of the Post Office Department. Delivery was also free to most addresses within the Union-bound lines under the American Letter Mail Company’s policy. Yet, shortly before the beginning of the Civil War, Lysander’s business abruptly closed down. It turns out, by “law” in the United States, no one, not any individual or private company can start or operate a postal service. According to the United States it is an act of treason, punishable by many decades imprisonment. Spooner was faced with one of two options, close down or go to jail. He of course closed down and soon after the Post Office Department lowered postal rates and organized the “first” Rural Free Delivery service. The “first” they claimed.

Today, even though religion doesn’t necessarily control our daily lives, what about our daily lives through our very government? This article is being written by a non-biased individual who holds no political affiliation, however, the articles of interest to him are the same that interest you, the reader. Whether you hold the political title of Republican or Democrat, Reformed or Libertarian, Green or Tea Party, as a whole, we are in this together and therefore must all bear the brunt of an overpowering and forcibly controlling government who, so-to-speak are here to get our attention by showing force in every way unbeknownst to us, the American citizen. The creation of the so-called “Committee of 300” and the New World Order have been taking effect since the founding of this very nation, and has workings through the Masonic Order as well. This typically means more laws, more red tape, more political intimidation, more governmental agencies to control civilians, more of this and more of that, one major nation, under one major ruler, and one type of people. This doesn’t mean that people should go around toting guns and murdering each other, or taking whatever they feel like because taxes are higher, or because they believe they’ve earned it. This also doesn’t mean that people should throw their arms up and live off of the government because they think that they’ve had a hard a life. Most Americans sadly realize what is actually available to them as a member of society. The casual duties that are bestowed to all Americans, regardless of sex, age, gender, race, religion, and nationality are unprecedented! The abilities that we, as American citizens have and are allowed, under the Constitution are astoundingly amazing! Yet, the gaps in our system are also amazing, for instance, votes can often be purchased so-to-speak. Votes are often “bought” or “sublimed” to the underclass, or the minority vote to allow a president, any president of any political party a better chance at office. Currently, tax-payers money is going out the window to allow immigrants over our borders without a Green Card or citizenship the ability to get Social Security and Disability Benefits, yet, if you are an American, born and raised here, you can’t even get your own Social Security or collect Disability, something you paid into for all the years of your hard and under-appreciated working-class life.

The real question here is “Are We Really Free?” Free to live, to live without having to worry about whether or not we will be living the next day because our very own government has put in so many new laws, so much red tape that we, as a society can’t even walk outside to collect our newspaper or bicycle around town without having to worry about local or federal authorities, or other government officials saying we cannot do that or haul us off somewhere to be either locked up, or receive a physical beat down in a back alley somewhere. Granted, we do worry about criminals hurting us, but we shouldn’t be scared of our very own government, yet, this, like religion is what’s taught by the old school mentality. We used to be a “Free” nation. We used to be able to do pretty much anything we wanted, (aside from killing, stealing, and other criminal actions) before the government decided to put their barriers where they didn’t belong. Now, for the most part Big Brother is in our phone calls, our emails, our mail is looked after not just by the US Postal Service, but by the FBI. Barriers in terms of civil, what we as Americans can and cannot do come down a long list of government officials all putting in what will help them get elected for the next race. It’s been done all over the world in decades past, it’s also being done now in countries such as Greece, Egypt, Russia, China, Mexico and others. So, will there be a time when the United States goes back into a civil war with itself, between the north and the south, the east and the west, or perhaps the Citizens and the Federalists? One may never know. There are also politicians that are elected into office just because of their background or their title, or perhaps of what they show off on a stance they “claim” to believe in or stand behind, but like all the others, at some point or another, their hand goes into another lobbyist’s pocket, and suddenly, we add one more swindler to the basket.

This isn’t about anarchism, but rather the government’s idea of “well, we might as well accept it this way because there’s nothing we can do about it anyway, and besides, if we try to, we will be stomped out like ants in a kitchen by the police or National Guard.” America has always prided itself on, “Things like that don’t happen here because we’re Americans and if it did, we’d throw that kicker right out the front door,” or something like “In the US we don’t have to worry about Communism or dictators, because we’re the nation that has equality and we kill those leaders who are evil and take from their people.” Yet, what is really happening in our own country? Have we as Americans been truthfully living freely for as long as we believed we have been? Perhaps not as long as we think we have. The only thing that acts as our national Savior in this type of a mess is the Constitution of the United States of America. This precious document that 77% of Americans know of, but don’t have any clue of what it states, rely on it when their liberties are about to be seized.

Most people in the US complain about the way their life stinks and how the government is constantly taking away from them, yet, when it comes down to doing anything remotely responsible in their name or perhaps in the name of their children, they blow it off as throwing caution to the wind. It has been spoken before, but it should definitely be spoken here once more, “If we want change, then it is up to us to make it happen”. The government will only start to “behave” under “our” control when we start taking an active interest in changing it. This means attending local township, borough, or city council meetings, going to vote for local, state and federal candidates. Unfortunately, out of the 355,000,000 US citizens this year in November 2012, only 87% voted. The majority voting for somebody they never bothered to even follow from the beginning. The responses to this, was to simply vote for somebody they thought was already doing a good job. Assumption is what has changed this nation, from all parties, not just one. We cannot blame one individual political party, they’re all to blame.

Based on the low level of the United States and everything else considered, we must at least consider this, even though our nation suffers on a daily basis like so many other nations in respect to (poverty, currency, unemployment, etc.), we still have to consider ourselves very lucky because as bad as things seem here, they’re worse, always much worse elsewhere.

As estranged as our own society and government seems, still, our domestic and exporting remains on a steady line, our stock market is relatively stable, and we pride ourselves on making everything work as efficiently as possible, but, even for the top powers, there’s still always room for improvement.