• My Friend

    My Friend


    Yes you are my friend and I\'ll always have your back, But face it , you always SLACK. You are my friend always and to the end, But face it, guys like it when you BEND. You are great and have been with me always, But face it, your boobs fall out in …

  • why


    they told you once, you didn't listen.they told you twice, you didn't care.they tried a third time and you just ignored the fifth time you saw what it did to youso you asked for help and they didn't care,they acted as if you weren't even there…

  • Personal Statement

    Girl's Life

    A simple charismatic smile roots much deeper than the naked eye can see, for my body is a temple, an ancient Strangler Fig tree with vines that thirst into every direction and tell a story of their own as they dwell deep inside of my entity. Just as…

  • I wonder


    I had an idea come to mind If there was such a thing as maybe Maybe one day I'll have the courage to talk to you Maybe I'll go for it and ask you out What if there was no such thing as 'IF' If we could never hold hands If we never met What if there …

  • Art is everything to me!!

    Art is everything to me!!


    Art means everything to me. When I pick up my pencil and stare at this empty, blank page. I feel every emotion come to life through this image in my head, that i cant quite explain so well. This image of my happy, sad, stressful, painful memories. E…




    I think all day Wonder all night Every week I look back I see nothing. Every week I look back Every month I remember At the end of the year I see Inspiration. Tomorrow I will be courageous Next week I will ask questions Next month I will go out An…

  • Story Tapestries, The Gift of Literacy

    Story Tapestries, The Gift of Literacy


    Stories throughout the ages have inspired and enriched humanity in many different forms. Like weaving of tapestry it evolves and travels throughout time. At the theater, by the fireplace at campgrounds, at school, friends, family and work gathering…

  • Le Reve

    Le Reve


    Vegas is infamous for being "sin city" hence the saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Now, I'm sorry to inform you guys that this article will not be about how I had a wild night in Vegas and how much praying I should be doing to…

  • Multicultural Campus

    Campus Life

    Social scientists view learning as a relatively permanent change in behavior or capability that results from experience. Others, in my opinion see school as a way to get away from families who do not support diversity and tolerance towards others. A…

  • Sanga-Siddha-Bhakti Mantra


    I've molted once againand all clothing is gonebut not a king am Iso no one here pretendsthat I am not a fawnadorning his deer's side.With violence I'll contend the stronger men are pawnsthat do not utter "my".To move by selfish bendwill cl…

  • Is Facebook Real Life?

    Is Facebook Real Life?

    Campus Life

    I remember it well- the beginning. Myspace, now known as My____ to whoever is still left on it. It gave us the chance to comment on pages, post annoying songs on our profile for visitors to see. I enjoyed the blog feature, as did many of my friends.…

  • The Pro's and Con's of being Virtually Connected to Reality.

    Religion & Philosophy

    The emergence of the Internet spawned a quiet yet free radical riotous transformation affecting a societal and human species paradigm seismic shift that garnered the title "Cyber Revolution"! This (bit a ping - byte a chitty bang) manifest…

  • Movies on Basic Cable: Hell on Earth?


    Movies on Basic Cable: Hell on Earth?By Allan Heifetz \"To watch a movie on basic cable is to defy all manner of logic and decency.\" - Thomas Jefferson As my wife lay sick in bed the other day watching the 2…

  • The Media is Helping!

    Religion & Philosophy

    In today's world, the media shows different scenarios of kids, parents, families, and marriages. Although most families are not the same, media images of family and marriage help us by showing same sex couples can be parents, perfect households har…

  • The friends you keep.

    The friends you keep.

    Campus Life

    When I think about how socially awkward and neurotic I am it becomes hard to believe I had a best friend in middle school. I'm making the big leap from my teen years to my 20's now and I can't stop thinking about all the people I have met during the…

  • Fallout New Vegas

    Fallout New Vegas

    Video Games

    Fallout: New Vegas is the 4th game in the Fallout Franchise. It is created by Obsidian and brought to the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC by Bethesda Softworks. New Vegas transports the player to the dusty, broken plains of Mojave Wasteland, Nevada 2281The …