• Personal Statement

    Girl's Life

    A simple charismatic smile roots much deeper than the naked eye can see, for my body is a temple, an ancient Strangler Fig tree with vines that thirst into every direction and tell a story of their own as they dwell deep inside of my entity. Just as…

  • The Spirit of the Season

    The Spirit of the Season

    Girl's Life

    It\'s widely published and commonly believed that human beings only use about 10 percent of their brains. \"Goodness!,\" the people remark-or\"¦you know\"¦ they use a slang term that isn\'t from the 50s. \"Yo homez-that\'s …

  • So...Duh

    Girl's Life

    I'm gonna preach to the choir a little, because in my own life- something I whine to myself about a lot is that there is never ENOUGH. Time. Money. Even emotional things- love, patience, etc. I read something years ago about living more abundantly,…

  • This Used To Be My Playground

    Girl's Life

    I love the internet- having access to big ideas- stories- new possibilities. As Schoolhouse Rock taught me: "it's great to learn cause knowledge is power." I've been pleased to see some of the shows I grew up with making a comeback- inclu…

  • A new resolution

    A new resolution

    Girl's Life

    I\'ve never been a fan of making new year resolutions but I\'ve making a lot of changes lately and the one thing I really want to do this year is learn how to love unconditionally,love someone and finally let go. As easy as falling in love may seem …

  • Dissecting Dating

    Girl's Life

    The last normal moment I remember in my perspective of dating was somewhere around 8 or 9 years old. my older sisters owned a board game Sweet Valley High:The Game- you put little cardboard dream dates into little plastic pegs and they stood up and …

  • Girls of the 21st century

    Girls of the 21st century

    Girl's Life

    Phones in hand, over 2,000 friends on Facebook, technology fiends and independent. These are the girls of my generation. If one were to wonder what our generation is going to be remembered for is hard to put a finger on it. There are so many advance…

  • The dark and mysterious

    Girl's Life

    I'm pretty sure that by now most of us have visited this dark, confusing and sometimes lonely place known only as "the friend zone." It was probably around back when humans were hunters and gatherers, heck I wouldn't be surprised if the w…

  • Spring excitement!

    Girl's Life

    Spring is just around the corner! Bringing its usual burst of vibrant colors that can be seen in the flowers, the beautiful sunny sky and of course, spring fashion! It is the perfect combination of sunny days and playful colors. I am currently in lo…

  • Short teaching interview

    Girl's Life

    I spent all break trying to finish a big project for one of my classes and even though at first I didn't really understand the point of it, I'm pretty happy with the results. We were told to find people who work in the field we are interested in(mi…